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Tomas Ghisellini Architects Creates a Forest-Encircled Public Square for Livraga, Italy

Tomas Ghisellini Architects, in collaboration with Lucrezia Alemanno and Paolo Beniamino De Vizzi has unveiled the redevelopment and complete redesign project for the new Piazza Francesca Cabrini in Livraga, Italy. Located about 45 kilometers southeast of Milan, the municipality of Livraga set out to transform the currently degraded public space and transform it into an attractive gathering place with site-specific environmental and landscaping features. Construction is expected to begin in August 2023 and is scheduled for competition in 2024.

The Town Hall square of Livraga is envisioned as a “large green room” carved into the artificial forest surrounding it. Taking inspiration from the square’s historical countryside roots, which defined its character until the end of the 1970s, the concept emerges as an open space enclosed by the living façade of the tree canopies.

The smooth stone-paved area, measuring 35 by 55 meters, is aligned with the municipal building’s façade, creating a coherent composition between foreground and background. Along the other three facades, lush green vegetation announces the presence of the densely planted forest. The calming ambiance represents a counter to the typical character of the open public square. The precisely planted trees arranged in a 7 by 7 meter grid allow views toward the central space, thus creating a controlled and serene environment appropriate for the city landscape.

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